We believe in a unique service, customized for each one of our clients. Every client, every employee, every supplier is unique, with peculiar demands and needs. Proteica aims to provide our clients much more than solutions, we aim to provide you satisfaction!

Proteica is an Import Company specialized in the import and distribution of dried products of animal origin used to feed birds, fish, reptiles, swine, small primates and others. We have all the records and certifications required by MAPA (Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply).

We are the largest Brazilian importer of dried products of animal origin. We guarantee the supply of a market that lacks standards, quality and, specially, reliability in continuous supply of a quality product.

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Proteica has contracts with Premium suppliers around the world. All the criteria and certifications required by the Brazilian government through the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, MAPA, are carefully complied with and monitored. In addition to the national requirements, all are able to supply the European and American markets (FDA, ISO 22000, among others). Using high performance technology and production quality, we guarantee homogeneity, purity and resistant packaging.




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